Founded in 1995, our company has since specialised in the manufacture of Hi-Tech Fastener, with more than a decade of experience in high quality production, amounting to 150-200 metric ton per month. 

Combined modern technology and strict adherence to quality control requirement and professional know-how,  Hi-Tech Fastener has achieved its goals and objectives to meet the needs and demands of its customers to the highest level of satisfaction.

Principles of the Company

  • Strict quality Control
  • Competitiveness in the quality of machinery used
  • Prompt delivery within the shortest time frame
  • Respect the needs of our customers
  • Constantly pursuing to improve on our product and quality

Strengths of the Company

  • Expertise in he manufacture of Special Parts
  • Competitive prices at minimal costs
  • Use of Cold-Forging Method instead of Turn-Part Method for cost savings for most of our products.
  • Modern high-tech machinery
  • Providing technical support

Machinery Range

  • 1 Die 2 Blows Heading Machines
  • 2 Die 2 Blows Heading Machines
  • 3 Die 3 Blows Heading Machines
  • 2 Die 3 Blows Heading Machines
  • 2 Die 4 Blows Heading Machines
  • 4-4 Blow Heading Machine
  • 5-5 Bow Heading mahcine
  • Thread Rolling Machines
  • Thread Cutting Machines
  • Slotting Machines
  • Groove Rolling Machines
  • Washer Assembly Machines

Product Range

  • Multi-Stage Cold Forging Parts
  • Thread Forming Screws
  • Micro Screws
  • Seems Screws
  • Other Fastener Related Parts and Special Parts


Year Established 1995
Paid up capital 26 Million Baht
Number of employees 190
Monthly Production 150 – 200 Metric Ton
Original of Raw material Japan, Taiwan and Thailand
Standard of Fastener Manufactured JIS, ANSI, DIN, BSW and as per customer’s drawing.
Machine Range 155 Units of machine Consisting of single die, Double blow, Part Former, WasherAssembly and Thread Rolling.

We must meet the needs of our customers while generating a profit. We must be quick to grow, change and adapt. We must embrace the future with enthusiastic anticipation, the utilization of new technology is the key to our success. Knowledge combined with personal dedication and innovation will produce results.

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